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How Atom11 automated reporting using Superjoin? | Case Study

Learn how Atom11 used Superjoin to streamline customer reporting, drastically reducing time spent and boosting client satisfaction.


In the dynamic world of Amazon Sellers, where competition is fierce and margins are tight, Atom11 emerged as a game-changer for Amazon brands and agencies. Specializing in ad automation, Atom11 sought to streamline the complex process of generating detailed, customized reports for their clients.

The Challenge: Elevating Reporting to New Heights

The challenge was clear: Atom11 clients wanted reports to be both comprehensive and effortlessly accessible on Google Sheets, with updates required twice daily. Traditional methods were labor-intensive and inefficient, leading Atom11 to seek a solution that could automate this leading to working with Superjoin.

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A Seamless Solution: Superjoin's Integration

The turning point for Atom11 came when they discovered Superjoin. Neha, CEO & Co-Founder of Atom11, reached out to Superjoin's founders with a clear problem statement of what their clients needed. She recounted, "One of the most important use cases of our customers is reporting. And fortunately, or unfortunately, all reporting happens on Google Sheets."

Neha's experience with Superjoin was great - "The integration was super seamless. It was plug and play. We took less than a day to integrate our database with this,". This ease of integration was a critical factor for Atom11, as it allowed them to quickly harness Superjoin's capabilities without disrupting their operations.

They didn't need to build anything or make any changes to their software stack to use Superjoin, which was critical for Neha and the team at Atom11.

The Transformation: A Leap in Productivity and Client Satisfaction

The implementation of Superjoin changed the way Atom11 worked with its clients. Reports that previously took three to four hours to compile were now completed in less than thirty minutes. This dramatic reduction in reporting timelines not only boosted productivity but also enhanced client satisfaction significantly.

Neha's reflection on the impact of Superjoin underscores the depth of its influence. "We are getting rave reviews from our customers," she shared, highlighting the positive feedback from clients who experienced firsthand the benefits of streamlined reporting. "They have been able to reduce their reporting timelines from three to four hours to less than half an hour."


The collaboration between Atom11 and Superjoin isn't just about using new tech or making processes smoother; it's a real example of how the right tools can make a big difference for businesses. For Atom11, working with Superjoin has been a game-changer, allowing them to offer better, faster service to their clients who rely on detailed ad reports to make important decisions.

Atom11's journey with Superjoin shows that when a company really understands what its clients need and finds the right way to meet those needs, everyone wins.

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