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How used Superjoin to automate RevOps reporting on Google Sheets?

Pathfndr used Superjoin to integrate Chargebee and Google Sheets to automate daily reporting of renewals and overdue payments for the customer success teams and Superjoin


Pathfndr is creating a "Shopify for Travel Agents," embarked on a journey to streamline its data management processes. Anusha, the Chief Business Officer, along with Shreyansh, a Data Analyst at Pathfndr, share their experience with Superjoin which has become central to their operations. "We started using Superjoin to easily import data from Chargebee into Google Sheets on a dynamic basis," Anusha begins, setting the stage for a transformation story fueled by efficiency and innovation.

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Before Superjoin, Pathfndr's team faced the draining task of manually importing data multiple times a day. Anusha recalls, "Prior to us using Superjoin, we usually had to perform at least three to four imports of data from Chargebee daily, including subscription data, transaction data, customer data, invoice data." This manual process was not only time-consuming but also a bottleneck in their fast-paced environment.

Solution by Superjoin

The integration of Superjoin into Pathfndr's systems marked a significant turning point. "Most of our data crunching happens on Google Sheets. So, Superjoin fits fairly seamlessly into our existing systems," explains Anusha. The ability to selectively import data and automate the process has been a game-changer. "With Superjoin, I can now pick and choose the data I want to import, and it auto-refreshes dynamically," she highlights, emphasizing the solution's adaptability and efficiency.

Specific Use Cases

  1. Instant Access to Critical Data: Superjoin enabled Pathfndr's Customer Success team to access critical Chargebee data in real-time within Google Sheets, eliminating their previous dependence on data analysts for daily updates on upcoming payments. This automation allows for proactive customer engagement.

  2. Custom Subscription Analytics: By utilizing Superjoin, Pathfndr conducts detailed subscription analytics to gain insights into customer behavior and revenue trends, enabling them to tailor their offerings more effectively.

  3. Building a Custom Mini CRM: Pathfndr plans to leverage Superjoin to merge Chargebee data with internal databases, creating a custom mini CRM. This integration aims to streamline customer relationship management and operational workflows further.

Key Benefits

  1. Efficient Time Management and Flexibility: Superjoin's dynamic data refresh capability has been a massive time-saver for Pathfndr. "It saves us a lot of time," Anusha notes. Specifically, Anusha and Shreyansh have collectively saved 8 hours per week, underscoring the significant impact on productivity. This efficiency allows the team to redirect their focus towards strategic analysis and enhancing the platform for travel agents.

  2. Enhanced Data Integration and Real-Time Visibility: The ability to integrate data from Chargebee with other databases has provided Pathfndr with a more comprehensive and real-time view of their operations. "It gives us a more real-time view of the data," Anusha states, underlining the impact of Superjoin on their decision-making processes.

  3. Reduced Dependency on People: Superjoin has also significantly cut down on the dependency Pathfndr had on others for data refreshes and management. "It also cuts down on any dependency that I used to have from other people to refresh data, to download data, and then send it to me," Anusha shares, pointing out the increased autonomy and efficiency gained.


For Pathfndr, Superjoin has not just been a tool but a catalyst for operational automation. By automating data imports and offering real-time data access, Superjoin has empowered Pathfndr to focus on innovation and service enhancement. The efficiency gains, as experienced by Anusha and Shreyansh, are a testament to the transformative impact of Superjoin on Pathfndr's journey, illustrating how the right technological solutions can streamline operations and drive business growth.

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