Case Study

How Truecaller optimized revenue operations for RevOps team using Superjoin

Truecaller seamlessly integrated Chargebee with Google Sheets using Superjoin. Automating daily reporting for Truecaller's RevOps teams.

Superjoin and Truecaller


Truecaller for Business, renowned for providing 'verified' status to combat spam calls globally, faced challenges in manual reporting processes for the RevOps team. Superjoin stepped in to help them automate reporting from Chargebee, addressing data silos and customization needs. This saved 7 hours per week and laid the foundation for more dynamic and timely reporting, enhancing Truecaller's RevenueOps efficiency.

What were the challenges faced by the Truecaller team?

  • Manual Reporting from Chargebee: The RevOps team faced the daunting task of manually producing 8-10 reports, leading to delays and the risk of errors. The need for frequent tracking of custom reports only added to the complexity, especially as the business scaled.

  • Data Silos and Lack of Automation: The integration issues among Chargebee, Looker, and internal databases posed significant hurdles. The absence of a suitable automation tool for highly customized reports and the lack of developer resources for creating a custom dashboard exacerbated the problem.

How Superjoin Solved the Problem?

Customized Reports Automation - Superjoin automated these customized reports on Google Sheets, meeting the unique requirements of Truecaller's RevOps team.

Since Superjoint runs on top of Google Sheets - The revenue Operations team didn’t have to learn any new SaaS tool or go through a long procurement process. Being proficient in Google Sheets helped to automate these reports in a day instead of months.

Impact on Business

  • The automation of reporting resulted in 7 hours per week of time savings for the RevOps team.

  • Superjoin's solution provided the ability to drill down into subscription data, allowing granular insights for improved decision-making.


Superjoin's collaboration with Truecaller showcases a transformative shift in automating manual reporting processes, reducing delays, and enhancing data coherence. The integration of Superjoin's solution aligns with Truecaller's commitment to efficiency, setting the stage for further advancements in its revenue operations.

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