Case Study

How Wayleadr Streamlined its Sales Operations with Superjoin?

Wayleadr automated RevOps reporting by integrating Chargebee & Hubspot with Google Sheets using Superjoin.

Superjoin and wayleadr


Wayleadr streamlines and automates the arrival experience, aiming to simplify every journey globally while improving operational efficiency and saving time. They partnered with Superjoin to overcome challenges in consolidating data for comprehensive reporting across multiple systems, including Chargebee and Hubspot.

Use Cases

  1. Reporting for Billing: Leveraging Superjoin, Wayleadr optimized its billing reporting, gaining real-time insights into billing figures and operational metrics, a critical component for informed decision-making. They consolidated data from Chargbee and HubSpot to create these reports.

  2. Reporting for Sales and Marketing KPIs: Superjoin enabled dynamic reporting on sales and marketing KPIs, allowing Wayleadr to closely monitor campaign effectiveness and adjust strategies based on data-driven insights.

  3. Reporting for Sales Pipelines: Wayleadr integrated HubSpot and Google Sheets to create detailed reports on sales pipelines to make them readily accessible, providing the sales team with up-to-date information on deal progress and identifying potential bottlenecks.

Superjoin's Solution

Superjoin provided a seamless solution by enabling Wayleadr to use Google Sheets as an accessible, user-friendly database for integrating data from Chargebee and Hubspot. 

This approach facilitated detailed and flexible reporting without the need for specialized data engineering skills. Superjoin’s responsive support and rapid feature updates based on Wayleadr's feedback further tailored the solution to their specific requirements.

Key Benefits

  1. Real-time Automated Reporting: Superjoin's automated hourly data refresh feature ensures that Wayleadr's reports are always current, facilitating timely and accurate business decisions.

  2. No Need for Data Engineers or Data Warehouses: "Superjoin allows you to basically create a user-friendly database within Google Sheets," the Director explains, highlighting how the tool has made complex data management accessible to those without a background in data engineering or access to a data warehouse.

  3. Seamless Integration Within Google Sheets: Superjoin is a Google Sheets Connector that seamlessly connects and brings data to Google Sheets. It provided Wayleadr with a user-friendly platform without any learning curve for data analysis and reporting, accessible to team members with varying levels of technical expertise.

Exceptional Support from Superjoin

A standout feature of Superjoin, beyond its technical capabilities, has been the exceptional support and responsiveness of the Superjoin team. The Director of Sales Operations at Wayleadr highlights this aspect, stating, "Superjoin is very easy to use and better yet, the support has been amazing. The entire team is highly responsive to feedback and has even already acted on feedback almost immediately." This level of support has been instrumental in Wayleadr's ability to rapidly adapt and enhance its reporting capabilities, with Superjoin shipping multiple new features and enhancements to meet their specific needs.


Superjoin has redefined Wayleadr's approach to reporting, offering a blend of technical sophistication and ease of use that has significantly enhanced its operational efficiency. "I see a ton of value in Superjoin" the Director of Sales Operations concludes, "especially for companies managing reporting out of spreadsheets and those without dedicated data engineering resources.", making it an indispensable tool in Wayleadr's arsenal.

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